Armani Salon



Aida's sexy cuts turn my Charlie's head. He is her biggest fan! I have tons of true stories. Here are just a few: while standing in line at Trader Joes, while getting in a limo, when a woman stops her car and pulls up behind me-shopping @ J.Crew in Manhasset, NY, while dining at Positano Restaurant, while attending a wedding, they all asked "Who gave you that great sexy, stylish beautiful hair cut?" As a professional model, great hair cuts are important to me. Aida is the BEST!
Julianne Elena Fay
Newtown Square, Pa and Greenwich, CT

After a disastrous attempted transition from blonde to black to blonde again, my hair was ruined. I scoured the internet to find the perfect corrective colorist and thank God that I found Aida. She listened to my woes and then proceeded to expertly bring me to the most beautiful golden blonde I have ever seen. For the first time in my life people are complimenting me on my hair color and I will forever be grateful to Aida. She is spectacular!
Sarah Masemer

We all appreciate the talent of artists. Having Aida do my hair is like having my own personal artist for my hair. What are her strengths? Better to ask "what are not". After many years of coloring my hair I finally got from Aida a color that is not only beautiful and natural but absolutely PERFECT for me. Then there are her haircuts --maintenance-free hair, perfect for my hair type and looks! Last, but not least, you are meeting with a kind, caring, professional who makes your visit special.
Dr. Roz Miller

Aida has a gift and talent that is unprecedented! The gift and skill she has for color, cut and style are above and beyond what anyone could imagine. I have been to top salons in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania and no one can come close to what Aida can deliver! She is the best!
Lisa Ferguson-Sexton

When I moved back to the Philadelphia area in the late '80s, I was convinced that I was going to have to go back to New York every 4 -6 weeks to have my hair colored. Even the better known salons just didn't get it right. Then I found Aida. She's been written up in Philadelphia Magazine as the best and she is. I've been happy with my hair color ever since and there's no need to go to NY now.
Ruth Finley