Armani Salon



Aida Armani is renowned for color. Dubbed "The Goddess of Hair Color" by Digital Philly, Aida's experience spans decades. She has channeled her expertise to create a world class salon offering the best in beauty.






"The Hair Wrapsody was born because I didn’t like my just-shampooed hair dripping on my clothes, and rolling my hair up in a towel turban-style didn’t cut it. It kept falling out and when I untied it, my hair would be upside down and harder to comb out. I wanted a towel that would hold my hair up and be easier to use. I experimented with luxurious, absorbent toweling material because I wanted the finest fabric, cording and ribbon. We debuted it in the salon and people loved it. I decided every woman should be able to have the Hair Wrapsody, use it and enjoy it, wear it around the house, take it to the gym or the pool, try it during outdoor workouts to protect your hair from the sun.” – Aida Armani

It is the same innovative spirit and unbridled enthusiasm that carried Aida and her family from Jordan to America, through the education program of Jean Madeline Salons, to Artistic Director at nationally recognized Raya Haig Beauty Center that ultimately lead to the inspiration to design the Hair Wrapsody.

No stranger to the challenges of invention and the accompanying long hours, Aida learned to follow her heart as well as her instincts and not let obstacles stand in her way. From Armenian/Arabic decent, Aida and her family traveled by ship from Jordan to the United States in 1956. Among the minority population, it was through her family’s employment with the government of King Hussein that permitted them the freedom to leave Jordan.


With a decisiveness that defines all of the moves Aida makes, she never had any doubts about the direction of her career. As a young girl, she had beautiful waist-long black hair and smiles as she remembers the day it was cut short. “I cried for two solid weeks”, she says, “and it was then I vowed to become a stylist – hair, hair, hair, it’s so important”.  With determination uncharacteristic of her fifteen years, Aida started working to earn the tuition to attend Beauty School while simultaneously completing high school. After obtaining her license in Cosmetology, she decided to focus within the hair industry. Indicative of the expectations she sets for herself, Aida always aspired to work with the best and applied to Jean Madeline Salons. From her initial apprenticeship to inevitable promotions, Aida is currently Artistic Director of the color department at Raya Haig beauty Center on the Main Line. In addition to her clients, supervising the color department and launching the Hair Wrapsody, Aida is also the Artistic Team of Goldwell of Pennsylvania, for whom she teaches and presents at fashion and trade shows.


With two teenage boys from a previous marriage, Aida has never remarried and attributes this to her workaholic nature. In the few moments to spare between a successful career and a busy family life, Aida still managed to find time to invent the Hair Wrapsody. Always with a mindset to simplify and seek just a little more convenience (with a hint of fashion sense of course), Aida redesigned the towel to better serve the needs of spas and salons. We all know that the average towel doesn’t quite cover the curves and absorb as much water as we’d like, not to mention the fashion statement it makes (NOT!) and the Hair Wrapsody is just the kind of originality we have come to expect from Aida Armani.