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The Process

Personal Colorist


Custom hair color for home use in 5 simple steps:

1. Order Your Hair Color Analysis Kit. This kit consists of 22 actual hair samples to be used to determine your existing hair color and condition. The swatches come with full instructions for use, and the evaluation process takes only a few minutes.

2. Submit Analysis Information. After you have completed the analysis using the swatch kit, your profile information may be called in, sent to us by mail or dropped off at the salon. You may also include a close up photo of your hair and we can discuss your desired results by email or telephone.

3. Receive Your Custom Formulated Hair Color. You will be assigned your own personal Senior Color Consultant who will formulate a custom hair color product just for you. Your consultant will contact you by email or phone to discuss your custom formulation and assist you in obtaining your first application of custom hair color product. 

4. Call the salon and make an appointment for a private consultation. You may get the color application done at the salon to try the color for the first time. Please call 610-525-8833 to make an appointment.

5. Apply the color at home, at your convenience. Hair Color 2 Go provides step-by-step instructions to apply your custom-mixed color. The rich conditioning base provides a no drip texture. When you use the tint brush, provided free with your first hair color, you will get complete and accurate coverage.

All Hair Color 2 Go clients are assigned a Personal Senior Color Consultant to provide expert individual consultation and advice.

In addition to being a certified cosmetologist, each Senior Color Consultant must complete 18 months of individual training. With more than 40 years experience in the salon industry, Aida Armani has trained colorists and cosmetologists around the world, including instruction for a world-renowned European salon company.

Here is what Aida says about her trained consulting group: “For hair color to work effectively, it is critical that the correct questions are asked and the appropriate formula mixed. Hair coloring is a science like chemistry, and it is important for clients to know that our Senior Color Consultants are some of the best ‘chemists’ I've ever worked with. They ask the right questions, mix the correct formulas, and provide nothing but the best personalized salon service we can offer for terrific looking salon home hair color results.”

You can't get this service from a box, and unless you pay for it, you can’t get this service from a salon. Our results and your satisfaction are guaranteed.

So what are you waiting for? Order your hair color analysis kit today!