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The Product

Hair Color 2 Go


Bring European hair color science into your home with customized, affordable salon hair color just for you. Hair Color 2 Go customized home hair color products give you the value of a higher-tier salon treatment at a price point and convenience factor that is consistent with home use retail products.

Now you can get custom home hair color that is:

Hair Color 2 Go hair color is made in Europe and is of the highest quality. It is designed for professional use and is now available to the public exclusively through Armani Salon.

Unlike off-the-shelf products which typically have only one set of instructions and one product, Hair Color 2 Go custom mixes hair color and provides personalized instructions for your hair type because one size does not fit all. We have a team of European-trained hair color technicians who are certified cosmetologists and experts in the field of hair care science. Our technicians have perfected color analysis to meet your exact needs and will create a custom hair color formula just for you!

Typical Hair Color 2 Go clients color their hair and have little time for salon appointments which can take over two weeks to schedule and last up to three hours. Our clients appreciate the added value in having a color specifically formulated to their exact needs with the convenience of applying hair color at home on their own time, at an affordable price.

Current clients praise the quality of Hair Color 2 Go, having switched permanently from salon coloring and off-the-shelf retail hair color products. Our products help restore the youthfulness of your hair by making it soft and healthy looking.

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