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Get professional salon quality results at home with Hair Color 2 Go custom hair color.

The success of hair coloring is determined by the quality of the product and the correct formulation of ingredients as it applies to individual factors such as porosity, texture, resistant gray, cuticle layers, length, coarseness, root color, end color, and thickness. Women's hair is more difficult to treat because it is often longer, thicker and has more chemicals in it (hair spray, gels, conditioners, etc.).

This is the world of a professional colorist - the world of Hair Color 2 Go. A good colorist considers these factors and custom blends two to three pigments with a carefully measured amount of developer for each client. Optimal results are considered long-lasting and consistently accurate color that provides a nice shine and terrific body.

Over-the-Counter vs. At-Home Salon Products

Specifically, over-the-counter hair coloring products take a one-size-fits-all approach which is why they only cost between $8 - $20. Over-the-counter products are made and sold in volume to take advantage of economies of scale. But the facts are one size does not fit all. Every woman's hair is different. Results from over-the-counter products may not be optimal for most women.

Conversely, salons go through an elaborate process to understand a woman's hair before they mix and apply hair coloring treatment. Therefore, individual customization is in high demand because it gets good results. This, of course, is why salons charge rates as high as $120 for hair coloring and why women have to manage the scheduling hassles to get their hair colored right.

The Hair Color 2 Go Solution

As the saying goes, “Necessity is mother of invention”. Hair Color 2 Go now offers custom-mixed, professional European hair coloring products for salon results, at home, at an affordable price of $24.90.

A Senior Color Consultant gathers individual technical information on each client when the client completes a simple personal profile. Once our color technician confirms the client information, he or she mixes a personalized formula that best meets the client's specific hair coloring needs.


First time users of Hair Color 2 Go salon home hair color may request a FREE mini sample of a custom color to test on an inconspicuous strand of hair. This test will eliminate any uncertainty first time users may have about home hair color and their customized Hair Color 2 Go formula.


In addition to the quality and low cost of the Hair Color 2 Go salon products, women especially like the convenience of getting this product mailed to their homes. No time consuming appointments, no scheduling hassles.

Once your profile is complete, reordering is as simple as an email or phone call. In fact, many Hair Color 2 Go clients take advantage of AutoMail to receive their formula on a scheduled basis so they can maintain the quality and color of their hair without having to remember to reorder.

The process is easy, affordable and convenient. So what are you waiting for? Let's Get Started!